Posted by WorriedMom on 08/31/2017

My family member needs to bring his AED with him on a trip. Does anyone have experience taking an AED on a commercial domestic (USA) flight? It seems the rules are changing all the time. Calls to TSA and to the airline as well as to the website which sells the devices are not getting me an answer. First: can one bring their own personal AED on a commercial airline and Second: What is the proper method. Checked? Carry on? I would appreciate any help you can offer


Submitted by SCAFoundation on 08/31/2017


We are checking with the FAA for their guidance on this and will get back to you as soon as we know more.

This is the information we received in 2015 about carrying an AED on a plane: Carrying an AED on planes is allowed by the TSA. Agents may ask what an AED is, but once they hear the explanation, they should have no problem. However, there may be an issue with having lithium batteries in the checked baggage. If they inspect the luggage and find the batteries, they may remove them. As an FYI, all planes of a certain size are required to carry AEDs. We'll follow up once we hear more from the FAA.