Posted by SCAFoundation on 04/28/2021
Loyola Blakefield Lacrosse Team
Loyola Blakefiled Lacrosse Team

We read with interest your story on the successful life-saving efforts by Loyola Blakefield’s training staff as well as two doctors of freshman lacrosse defenseman Peter Laake (”Loyola Blakefield lacrosse player doing OK after on-field scare on Friday,” April 17). What made the save possible was the presence on site of an automated external defibrillator (AED) and what assured the presence of an AED on site was the Maryland law passed in 2006 mandating the presence of an AED at all scholastic sports events. Thanks to your reporter for mentioning Louis Acompora, another freshman lacrosse goalie whose death in 2000 from the same cause, commotio cordis, spurred legislation across the country mandating AEDs at athletic events for this very reason. Because of such legislation, more positive outcomes from commotio cordis, such as the one described here, are possible.

Henry Jampel, Towson, and Mary Newman, Wexford, Pennsylvania

The writers are, respectively, chair and president of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation.

Published in The Baltimore Sun

Additional coverage from US Lacrosse Magazine

Those who rushed to Peter Laake's aid details how they saved his life

A sigh of relief broke out from the group of emergency professionals attending to Peter Laake when the Loyola Blakefield freshman defender opened his eyes. Laake suffered commotio cordis after being hit by a shot in the first quarter against McDonogh in a Baltimore-area high school boys’ lacrosse game last Friday. Commotio cordis causes sudden cardiac arrest in an otherwise healthy heart after a blow to the chest area. It is fatal 75 percent of the time, according to the US Commotio Cordis Registry, and the eerie hush at Loyola’s Hargaden Field exposed everyone’s worst fears — until their prayers were answered. More...

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Unequal Technologies promotes March 25th as Commotio Cordis Awareness Day

Unequal Technologies, the leading provider of customized and concealed sports protection gear, is advocating for the date of March 25 to become Commotio Cordis Awareness Day. The Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation has partnered with Unequal Technologies and other organizations to encourage parents and athletes to learn about and protect athletes from Commotio Cordis – the second-ranked cause of sports fatalities. More...