Posted by Rtg1776 on 10/23/2018

Hello all. I had a SCA at the age of 47 on Feb 6 2015. Its been a long struggle and I'm looking for someone who understands.


Submitted by Grateful44 on 01/01/2019


I am new here, as my 44-year old husband survived an SCA almost 2 weeks ago. You are definitely not alone and I bet your story is very inspirational if you would like to share. Please take care :).

Submitted by StillHere on 01/02/2019


I am here. I am 42 and survived out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest (due to massive pulmonary embolism) early December. I had a dizzy spell on the 31st and taken back to ED by ambulance - that time awake though. I don't know why it happened but we are here with you. You are not alone.