Posted by rhowery on 05/02/2018

Last Monday, April 23 2018, my sister died from cardiac arrest. She was 65. My 20 yr old son heard her fall and found her on the floor by the washer and dryer. She didn't respond and was not breathing. He immediately called 911. I was at work when he was finally able to get to me. He had his grandmother (his father's mother) call me at work. I completely lost it. I have, or rather had, 3 older sisters. This was the one I was closest to. Not only my sister but also my best friend. She didn't make it. It took the EMTs 15 minutes to get her heart started again. Which was too long. Her brain died from not getting any oxygen. Her body hasn't died yet. Her heart is now beating on its own and she's breathing on her own now. But the reality is that my sister is gone. I miss her so very much.


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We are so very sorry to hear about your sister. Unfortunately, the chances of neurologically intact survival decrease about 10 percent every minute without definitive care, i.e., CPR and defibrillation. Our hearts go out to you and your family in this time of great pain and sorrow.