Posted by pstefflaura on 01/08/2018

A week before Christmas in 2017 I developed extreme chest pain. I took an aspirin, a zantac in case it was indigestion and a package of alka selzer. I lost my husband two months ago and had he been there I would have sent him to the store for GasX. I was reluctant to call an ambulance because that is for really serious stuff. I had never called one before. I had been nauseas and had dry heaves twice. I think that is why I decided to call because I had heard in a CPR Class that nausea could be a symptom of a heart attack. I called 911 told them my story and they dispatched an ambulance. It seemed like it took a long time for them to get to my house. No lights no siren. They came in and one guy was hooking me up to leads and the other was sitting at my table asking me how to spell my name etc. I was irritable with him and it was hard to talk. We went out to the ambulance and he said it didn't look like anything to worry about but I could go to the hospital and get checked out. I asked him if they would be able to do anything for the pain. He said probably so I said I was going. 20 minutes after getting there I coded. They revived me, called a helicopter and flew me to Fargo and put in a couple of stents. The doctor said" heart problem fixed" when he was done. He told me the next day that there was minimal heart damage as it was corrected so quickly. No residual brain problems because I was in the right place for a sca event. Looking forward to cardiac rehap. Still some chest soreness due to CPR. Feeling very blessed.


How are you feeling today? I too experienced SCA but the return to normalcy has taken several months to recover. After SCA I’ve had 5 stents, an ablation for atrial tachycardia, and a Medtronic pacemaker for sick sinus syndrome. I’m back at work and witnessed my daughters 13th birthday and Christmas. The little things we take for granted. Hopefully we can shed some lights to each other since our hearts are so sensitive.