Hi All, my youngest son had his first sca a year and a half ago. It was very traumatic but he survived. He was diagnosed with Brugada Syndrome and has had a defib fitted. We began to feel that he was then infallible but last Sunday he had another episode and the defib shocked him twice to bring him back round.
He is 26 and I was wondering if there are any other people here who have or are going through the same ordeal who would be willing to talk to us about the way they are dealing with emotions surrounding living with this condition.
With thanks

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SCAFoundation wrote 23 weeks 2 days ago

Thank you for reaching out

Dear Friend,

Thank you for reaching out. We are happy to know your son survived sudden cardiac arrest, initially, and recently. We want you to know you are not alone. Here is some information that may be helpful.

We invite other community members to share their experiences.

Best wishes,

Mary Newman




Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation

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Charlottega wrote 1 week 23 hours ago


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