Posted by LuckyFri13 on 07/18/2018

My survivor story:

I am a semi retired self employed businesssman who with my wife own a few laundromats in Lehigh Valley, PA. Due to the normal business functions at both facilities on Fridays getting ready for the weekends, we generally split up and try to get both done simultaneously so as not to drag out the day.

Last Friday of this past week, the 13th, I asked that she join me as a witness to a employee firing I was going to do because of theft of services. I had spent a week pouring over video tapes, gathering evidence and documentation and also had already conferred with the local Slate Belt Regional Police Dept on this subject to verify that I was in fact within my bounds to press charges.

On a whim, I called the SBRP and asked if they might be avail to join me when I dismissed her at about 3 PM, Officer Torre said unfortunately they were short-handed that day but if available, he would come down. When my employee arrived, I called Officer Torre and he said “I am on my way” and I watched for his arrival on surveillance equipment. When he got there I gathered the employee into a back room, with my wife and Officer Torre and proceeded to go over the surveillance tapes and other docs. To my surprise, two other SBRP Officers showed up as well. I eventually let her resign for personal reasons instead of everyone going through the minor (but still illegal) BS.

The three officers walked her out to her car, my wife went about her business and I went into a back room to continue work preparing for the weekend.

I was found by my wife a few minutes later with my feet barely sticking out of the hallway as she walked by (catching a glimpse of my feet out of the corner of her eye). I had collapsed out cold with no breath or heartbeat, I had gone into sudden cardiac arrest. Within a minute or so, the SBRP was performing CPR and used an AED to shock me once, back to breathing and a heartbeat. Their presence there that day saved my life and earned me the privilege of being one of the 10% ers,

I forever will be grateful to my wife of 33 years for her keen eyes, highly trained SBRP Dept and their AED equipped patrol cars, St.Lukes Bartonsville PA ER Dept and especially Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest Cardiology Dept for their care the next five days, which unfortunately revealed no telltale clues as to why this happened.

Just got home a little while ago with my very own ICD to protect me going forward, found your organization and I will figure out how to “pay it forward” ......the awareness of SCA and the use of CPR and AED availability.

My LuckyFri13 survivor story..............


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Hi and welcome to our community! We are so happy your wife found you so quickly and that the Slate Belt Regional Police officers responded immediately and were equipped with an AED. The 13th is indeed your lucky day! What an inspirational story!