Posted by lovemylondon on 01/01/2014

Hi there! I am a 27 year old woman who suffered a SCA October 24th, 2013. My doctors are not sure what caused it since every test on my heart has checked out so they are leaning towards a pulmonary embolism as the cause but can't be 100% sure.

My first question is... has anyone received the new S-ICD from Boston Scientific? This Friday I go in for surgery for placement of the device. I've searched the net for others who have this device but I haven't came across anyone. I'm wondering what others have experienced after getting it.

My second question is... has anyone else had knee pain after being shocked by an AED? I never had knee pain before this. I've had all kinds of tests done on them, x-rays, MRI, CT scan, ect. and everything came back fine. My doctor suspects the shock injured my knees and that they will get better with time. It's been a little over 2 months and they are getting better but very slowly.

Thank you all for your time!


Submitted by SCAFoundation on 01/03/2014


Thank you for your inquiry. We hope your surgery goes well today.

Here is a link to information for patients related to the S-ICD, including patient testimonials: (See Jan's story.)

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The subcutaneous ICD is relatively new, but we hope to hear from other patients who had S-ICD surgery and can share their insights.