Posted by linda kuhn on 03/16/2009

June 1, 1996, I had just taken a job to build a step down unit from hospital to nursing home at a hospital near my home. I had spent one week in orientation (I was a 30 year Registered Nurse). I had just passed my 50 th birthday in April 1996. I am now 62. On the day I had cardiac death I had been under much stress due to a failing marriage, my children growing up and leaving the nest, and starting a new job. On that day I had a yard sale all day in the heat in front of my Son-in-Laws furniture store. That night I decided to go to an auction in the same town to buy more things to sell for another yard sale. I had taken a sabatacle for about three month from nursing due to having just worked myself down as assistant director of nursing in a 150-bed nursing home. I was under trememdous stress on a daily basis. When I arrived at the auction I saw my daughter( a liscensed practical nurse) and her husband. My husband was not planning to come to the auction. I was mother of four daughters. My youngest had graduated from high school one week before. When I arrived at the auction I was super tired and felt I needed to stretch my arms. My nurse daughter encouraged me to check out of the auction and go to the hospital to be checked. Evidentally I did not look so great either. I decided to do just what she had sugessted. I walked to the high desk where we paid our bills at the auction. The auctioneer's wife, a good friend of mine, was taking the money for my few purchases when I suddenly fell back in full cardiac arrest. My daughter rushed to me thinking I had just fallen. I had blood flowing from the back of my head where I had hit the concrete floor. She thought I had just been knocked wout with the fall, but she soon noticed I was not breathing . Taking my pulse she noticed nothing. She instantly shouted for her husband to call 911. Another nurse I had worked with came forward and started to help also. Of course I remember none of this since I was unconscious at the time. The ambulance came to carry to the hospital which was about ten miles away through traffic. My family followed. I was in hospital there for about 48 hours where I kept going in and out. I had several other episodes of no pulse and no breathing. I was flown by helicopter to another hospital after the 48 hour period. I spent 3 months in the hospital in Memphis. Tennessee. During that time I continued to have "deaths". I have 52 pages of the shortest records I could obtain. In those records, I experienced several, about 12 death episodes. My brain lost much oxygen, and the doctors did not expect me to live even one year. I have a pacer defibrillator. It has been several years now and I am alive. My heart muscle has become weaker however and I have weak spells, and pass out sometimes in the heat. I freeze in the winder due to aspirin and blood thinners, and pass out in the summer, but don't think I am complaining. During one of the deaths, I made a wonderful journey to what I think from the Bible(Rev.22:1) is the River of LIfe. I saw Jesus, and I saw my grandparents, which passed in the 70"s. My one year prognosis has developed into who knows. I have remarried and my entire life is different, but I do know the real and pure Love OF God in my life, and I don't live my life by denominations of faith, and such. I just walk and talk each and everyday with Jesus . We are wonderful friends, and I feel completely full of joy and peace becaue I know, I don't have to guess He is real. Once you have been there you know heaven is real and every Word of God is pure and true. I love to brag on Jesus and do so every day. I want to take as many people with me as possible when I go back. Perhaps I will see you there and you can tell me about reading this testimony. Praise Him Praise Him All Ye Little Children, God is Love, God is Love.   Linda Kuhn