Posted by kzalepa on 01/27/2009

Today I joined the SCA foundation.  I am grateful to be able to do so.  I found this site link on the PBS The Mysterious Human Heart resources webpage. Thank you to PBS and this foundation for bringing people together. 

I survived a sudden cardiac arrest on March 1, 2008, almost one year ago.  My family and I feel so blessed that I made it.  But it would not have been possible without the help of volunteers who performed CPR as soon as they were able to reach me.

May God bless the angels of this world that walk among us ready to lend a hand in any moment.

With much Love,



Submitted by SCAFoundation on 01/28/2009


Hi Kim, Welcome to the SCA Foundation, Thank you for your kind words. We rejoice with you, your rescuers and your loved ones. So glad you are here.
Mary Newman

 Thank you Mary for all that you have done here to bring us all together.  I felt like a lone wolf with this for a long time and i know that is changing very quickly now.