Posted by jzuznme on 05/02/2017

As mentioned in the my last post my cardiac arrest happened on Dec 11, 2011. I do not recall what if any feeling or sensation I had so, in a previous post, I asked if anyone cold tell me what if any feelings had been experienced when your cardiac arrest happened; hoping to be well informed.

Well, I have news... On April 20th, I had a near cardiac arrest. I have an ICD and after about 11 seconds it corrected my ventricular fibrillation and just seconds before the defibrillator would have shocked me. I know this because my bedside device (Merlin) alerted my doctor who called me to come into the office. He printed out the ekg of that evening and I saw where the ICD began the correction program and was charging to possibly give me a shock. I was only seconds away from that shock. Thank God, the ICD worked.

So now, for those of you who don't know how it feels to go into ventricular fibrillation I will tell you. First of all, I was sitting, basically at rest, in my bed with my laptop. My husband was asleep beside me. Suddenly, I began to feel disoriented. I looked up at the TV which appeared like the curvy mirrors at a carnival, only it seemed to be moving around. Being scared, I tried moving my head around, to possibly fight or shake it off. Then, all the symptoms disappeared. I woke my husband. He took my blood pressure and it was slightly elevated and my pulse was normal. I had no idea what had happened and we decided we would just watch carefully. Then, when my doctor called, he said for me to come in the office, start taking an additional anti-arrhythmic medication twice a day and to NOT DRIVE. I asked what the doctor wanted to see me for and the I was told he wanted to check my ICD. I was so scared not knowing I couldn't sleep. My ICD is among the St Jude devices that were recalled for the battery, so it is going to be replaced to be sure it will work in time of need. I hope none of you experience this feeling.