Posted by Jerr111Y on 07/23/2015

I would like to share with significant others or spouses of survivors , we are 68 and the arrest was 6/11/2011.


Hi, Jerr111Y...

I am a spouse of an SCA survivor as well. I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I'm here to help in any way I can. What I have learned since my husband's SCA in 2012 is that as spouses and caregivers, we too are survivors.

Life will never be quite the same... we are grateful for the miracle of life for sure. Yet our lives are altered in unique ways that are difficult for anyone not in our shoes to quite understand. And, SCA survival outcomes differ greatly, so I cannot know your specific situation... just know that you have a "heart buddy" in me. :)

Caregiving is stressful and often lonely work... I see by your zip code in your profile that there may be some "caregiver" resources in your community. While they may not be specific to SCA, perhaps there will be kindred spirits that could add support nearby.

I hope that in some small way that knowing you are not alone will help you. Please reach out to me if there is anything that you think I can help you work through... I am here and a click away... And, I care.

Sending positive energy and strength,

3 years later and he keeps declining - in addition we had the this age typical prostate cancer thing went okay with the dementia already needed this like a hole in the head - then after in January complained of back pain in a walker within 30 days - doctors just wanted to send him to physical therapy (Attitude 71 just old age) took me 2 months to get ct scan
found spine L4 and L5 opening almost closed - it is now August can walk a little after cortisone shot - so now we have that problem as we have a 3 level house - it is not all bad just aggravating that he does not get what he needs on a timely basis.