Posted by imbuda on 09/16/2016

1000 things could have gone wrong. Everything went right.

One second I am running on a basketball court and the next second I'm in an ambulance being taken to the hospital. That was my experience. What happened? I went into a fatal heart rhythm, ventricular fibrillation. I had no blockages, stroke, pains... dizziness, nothing. No advance warning. When I went down, my friends and acquaintances sprung into action. One guy called 911, 2 others started checking on me. They first thought I was having a seizure. Then they realized I had an undetectable pulse and started CPR compression. Someone knew there was an AED in the building and brought it over. The two guys doing CPR put the device on and it's saying deliver shock! deliver shock! Boom. One shock. A different guy took over CPR and continued until the Ambulance arrives and takes me to the hospital. The person who dialed 911 hung up. The call lasted 6 minutes.

I am eternally grateful for the actions taken by others to save my life.

It's been 18 months since my "event". In hindsight, it probably shouldn't have been unexpected. I did have prior heart work done and a stent but was feeling fine. My own Father died at the same age, I was at the time. I had been playing basketball with that same group for years but I should have taken better care of myself and lived healthier. Since that day... I have made many changes in my life and I do realize that I am lucky. I have returned to playing basketball!


Submitted by SCAFoundation on 09/20/2016


Thank you for sharing your story! We are happy to know you are doing well and are able to get back in the game.