Posted by Hemlock74 on 09/22/2016

It a Saturday May 14 2016 .I don't recall any of what happened my family has been my memory, we were having a yard sell and I was helping out then went into the house my daughter's and our exchange student left to go around town and my son stayed to shower, I sat in my chair and when he came out I was gray and foaming at the mouth he and a family friend Tina started CPR Jordan my son did compression with Tina for 15 minutes until EMT arrived I was shocked 3 times in my house and on ambulance I died 3 times .was put on life support for 4 days then came out of my coma had a ICD implement 6 days later .my memories are gone can only recall certain things .I love my family for all they have done , can never repayy son and family friend .


Submitted by Bob Trenkamp on 09/23/2016


What a story!

So glad you are still here!



Thanks my son and family friend really need every thanks I can give them .love them for keeping me alive and now to find out my older son and wife were finding the sec or f there baby the same day I went down ,he now has my name as his middle name .