Posted by HealthSav on 04/15/2009

On June 7th, the last day of 2009's National CPR & AED Awareness Week, HealthSav will host a day of free 1 hour Adult CPR classes using the CPR Anytime platform.  Classes will be from 9AM-10AM, 10:30AM-11:30AM, 12noon-1PM, 1:30PM-2:30PM, 3PM-4PM, 4:30PM-5:30PM & 6PM-7PM.  Promotion will be made throughout the county and via several business organizations in and around the county.  Pre registration will be required via and the class registration form on the website.  Classes will be open to all ages.   For more information call 914 643 3663.


The sad death of 60's teen idol and Monkee's frontman Davey Jones is yet another in the efforts of the media to misrepresent the nature of his death and by doing so imparts an unfair disadvantage to our getting the public to understand more about SCA and how prevalent it is in our society.

Davey Jones autopsy report showed that his death was caused by ventricular fibrilation. This is SCA. News reports, as they almost always do, reported that he died of a heart attack. In his case his VF was brought about by the fact that his coronary system suffered from artheriosclerosis. Tis disease which results from usually decades worth of plaque buildup in the arterial arteries seems to have been the cause of his VF.

This indicates that Mr. Jones had a heart attack which caused him to go into Cardiac Arrest. Now, and it is uncertain, if early CPR had been performed and early defibrillation given Mr. Jones might have been successfully transported to the hospital where the artheriosclerosis would have had a chance to be treated surgically.

The more we can educate the public over this difference the more we might be able to get the public to understand the sever nature of needing bystander involvement in treating someone who collapses. As long as people see and think HEART ATTACK they will continue to believe that the person might be ok after getting to the hospital. The more we get them to realize that they have no way of knowing what happened to the person who collapses and that IMMEDIATE intervention is required to save the life of someone who collapes and is unconscious and not breathing the more lives we can save. The 4 minute window that person has when they collapse and the brain ceases to function due to oxygen deprivation has to be the main focal point in getting the lay public to understand that delaying CPR will ensure death. As long as the lay public hears heart attack we will not be successfull in getting our message out there. The media has to be made more informed. The medical community needs to practice more accurate informing when these situations occur.