How to travel by plane with AED?

How to travel by plane with AED?

We are seeking advice on how to travel by plane with an AED recently. It seems that there is conflicting information about the airline and TSA restrictions on Lithium metal batteries for flights in the U.S. (Phillips and TSA have said we can't while sales people have said they have flown with it). We're wondering what folks do to travel and minimize risks with access to an AED, both around airports and after arriving and leaving the airport? Has anyone shipped or rented either an AED or battery for use on arrival? Have you found an AED that is allowed on a plane {or train}?
Please share your experiences or resources.
Thank you in advance.

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Bob Trenkamp wrote 5 years 29 weeks ago

AEDs & Airplanes

My wife and I always put our AED in our checked luggage and have never had a problem. Being without our AED pre- and post-boarding isn't a concern: there are always AEDs in the passenger areas and there is an AED on most passenger aircraft.


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HealthSav wrote 5 years 26 weeks ago

Traveling with an AED

I just returned from ECCU in Las Vegas and had a spare AED battery packed in my carry on bags for a client upon my return to NY. No issues.

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