Posted by coco90 on 11/14/2018

Hi all,
My dad just recently had heart issues, we are still unsure whether it was SCA or a Heart Attack. He just recently woke up on Sunday for a little bit and then fully on Monday. He has been moving and everything fine. He doesn't remember anyone or anything, the doctors said It was normal. What can we do as a family to get his memory back or not be as confused. He speaks to us when we ask him questions but like I said he does not remember anyone or anything. What happened in your experience and what did you do to help your loved one?
Thank you!


Hi Coco90,
I just came across your post. Memory loss is very common surrounding a cardiac arrest event. Sometimes old memories come back but laying down new memories is difficult. It is a slow process that takes work everyday. Sometimes a speech language pathologist or other rehabilitation specialist can help with techniques to overcome short term memory or cognitive challenges. Frustration is common, so patience is necessary.
Hope that helps.