Posted by carol mathewson on 12/11/2010

I was very excited to be invited to help the Tacoma Fire Department put on their CPR Sunday. It took place on 10/10/10 and is held once a year, Volunteer firefighters and EMTs teach CPR classes. This year was the largest day they ever had...more than 850 people learned CPR. I was able to tell my SCA survivor story before each class.


Submitted by BICYCLINGGUY on 10/20/2015


Was randomly looking through the member roster and saw your picture. So I read your story. I hope you are still doing well. I arrested in July and am close to going back to work- I'm an anesthesiologist. I can't help but think I would be dead without CPR,EMTs, AEDs and the quick response of the police and my wife. I hope to find ways to give back and spread the word about SCD the way you have done! Thanks, Glenn