Posted by Bob Trenkamp on 11/02/2017

In the USA there are about 1,000 cardiac arrests each day. About 70% occur in a private residence. Two-thirds of the victims are male.

In a sample of 50 couples, the result was the same as the prior examination with 30 couples: the percentage of households where each adult could perform a single two-inch compression on their spouse was zero.

Does this mean you shouldn't try? NOT AT ALL!

But it does suggest an alternate strategy: Have a personal AED at home and take it with you when you travel!

This works so much better than the suggestion that both spouses should alter their diets to get to where both weigh about 25% more than the other!



Submitted by Mahamohanna on 01/06/2018


Bob....I am new at this site and your post is right on . I am a wife of a 78 years who suffered 35 years ago a heart attack that left his heart at 32%efficiency , lately he developed VT only one occurrence 29 second long ....his Cardiologist has been recommending to implant a defibrillator...ICD but my husband refuses and want to live his remaining life without fear of ICD or any complications. I know he is at risk of SCA and I went for my CPR training . I am seriously considering to purchase an AED for home use and during our travel. Can you help me out ?
Where should I go ? Do you think it’s a smart move ? I know it is...thanks