Posted by Imback2019 on 01/20/2021
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On Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at approximately 3:40 in the afternoon, I was at work, not in my office but in the main hallway. If I had been in my office they still may not have found me. I was talking to a member of my team, when I started to get dizzy. I started to stumble around and then ran forward straight into a door frame. I fell to the floor and several team members came and stood around. One team member went to get my boss. I tried to tell them what to do, but could not talk. I was having trouble breathing and started to unbutton my shirt...they finished unbuttoning my shirt. My boss's office was next to mine and they are detached from everything else. When I saw him come through the double doors into the hallway, i knew everything would be okay. I then closed my eyes. They came back and he immediately said get the AED. He said he talked to me the whole time because he heard that helps bring people back. The AED said to deliver a shock and he pushed the button and after the shock, started a round of CPR.