Posted on 11/26/2018
Nancy Trosclair

METAIRIE, LA--Upstream Exploration LLC (“Upstream” or the “Company”) a privately-held independent oil and gas exploration and production company, recently sponsored a class by Heartbeat NOLA, a local organization focused on raising awareness related to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). On November 16, 2018, all of the employees of Upstream located in Three Lakeway Building Metairie, LA, took a break from normal operations to attend Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training conducted by certified instructor Nancy Trosclair of Heartbeat NOLA. All employees of Upstream in attendance became certified in CPR and AED. Donna Mills, class participant said, “Awareness is definitely what it’s all about. I had no clue I could save a person’s life with these skills – it’s empowering!”

Upstream Exploration’s President, Michael J. Willis commented, “The quick thinking and compassionate efforts of citizen first responders giving CPR and having access to an AED helped save the life of Upstream employee, Maurice Trosclair, who survived a sudden cardiac arrest on February 14, 2017. Soon after Maurice’s SCA, we purchased our own AED after learning that the AED from Premier Health club that helped save Trosclair’s life was the only AED located in the entire complex that houses numerous businesses, a hotel and thousands of employees. We hope to set an example for other businesses by stressing the importance of learning CPR and having quick access to an AED. The lessons learned that day have not only spawned a local SCA and AED awareness movement in the New Orleans area by Heartbeat NOLA but have also inspired businesses to pay this knowledge forward. If we save just one person, then all of our efforts here will be worth it.”

In addition to sponsoring the class, Upstream Exploration also made a generous donation which will go towards advancing Heartbeat NOLA’s mission to train more people in CPR and place more public accessible AEDs in the greater New Orleans area.

SOURCE: Upstream Exploration