Posted on 05/12/2022
Jack Perkins, MD
Jack Perkins, MD

The Compress and Shock Foundation is encouraging the public to “Own the Outcome” in cardiac arrest by attending their 6th Annual Free CPR and AED Education Day on Saturday, May 21st. Classes will be held at various locations around Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. A few locations will offer Spanish-language CPR and AED education.

350,000 people suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrest every year in the United States. Survival is dependent on bystander CPR and early use of an AED.

“Survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is entirely determined by the public,” said Dr. Jack Perkins, Emergency Medicine physician and Executive Director of the Compress and Shock Foundation. “As a bystander to cardiac arrest, once you call 911, your job is not done. By the time EMS arrives, it is often too late for the victim to survive neurologically intact and return to their family unless bystander CPR has been started and coupled with early use of an AED.”

Lucas Hager was sixteen years old when he suffered a cardiac arrest while playing basketball. Because quality bystander CPR was performed for 20 minutes before EMS arrived, Lucas survived with no deficits and is now employed and engaged to be married later this year. This was miraculous, but should be commonplace with bystander CPR and early use of an AED.

Each class hosted by the Compress & Shock Foundation is one hour and open to any member of the public ages 13 and up, completely free of charge. Training is focused on breaking down common barriers to bystander intervention while allowing learners to practice hands-on with CPR manikins and AED trainers. Every participant will receive a 35% discount off an AED for their car, business, home, etc. (no obligation to purchase).

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SOURCE: The Compress and Shock Foundation