Posted on 11/09/2023
CASS Survivor Keynote Speakers

Respond. Revive. SURVIVE.

Survivors, co-survivors, family members, and rescuers will join educators and resuscitation providers to challenge the SCA survival status quo.

Citizen CPR Foundation invites all sudden cardiac arrest survivors, rescuers, co-survivors, and family members to Challenge the Status Quo in SCA at this year's Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit. Whether you've survived SCA, are a co-survivor (family member or friend), rescued someone, or are a devoted community champion, CASSummit is for and about the survivor. In addition to sessions for resuscitation clinicians, educators and researchers, there are a variety of sessions aimed at survivors and their families providing valuable insights, resources and a network of support with a dedicated track. 

Community Strategies & Survivors: Engagement, Awareness and Support 

Sessions will be guided by survivors of SCA and renowned resuscitation experts, providing a unique space for learning, sharing, and, most importantly, mutual support in the critical mission of saving lives. 

Check out some of the Survivor Sessions!

Learn about the Cardiac Arrest
Survivor Alliance—Peer support programs and more

Meet the new Cadre SCA
Survivorship App!

SCA in young athletes

Psychological distress after
CPR response

Lay responder debriefing programs

Post-incident care for


Community Responder programs

Using positive psychology to improve quality of SCA survivorship

Continuous longitudinal phone contact with survivors

Heartsight: Online support for those impacted by SCA

Local government initiatives focused
on SCA

Supporting bereaved families after cardiac arrest

Building a Nation of

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SOURCE: Citizen CPR Foundation