Posted on 01/15/2010

Autopsy suggests enlarged heart

Ind. - The coach
of Southern Indiana says there were no signs of any health
problems with center Jeron Lewis,
who collapsed during a Thursday night game and died at a hospital.


coach Rodney
Watson said
Friday that the 21-year-old senior had done well in
workouts. Teammates say Lewis had lost 40 pounds over the summer as
part of a self-imposed workout regimen to get in shape.


300 people turned out to mourn the death at Southern Indiana’s gymnasium.
A picture of Lewis as on the scoreboard and his framed jersey
was near a podium.


results from an autopsy show that Lewis may have died from a heart
condition after collapsing during the game at Kentucky
Wesleyan. Lewis had an enlarged heart, but further testing will be
done over the next couple of weeks.


The Associated Press