Posted on 08/07/2012

Discover Your Peers and Find Support through the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Network 

Survivors, Advocates, Healthcare Professionals Invited to Become Early Adopters

The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation has launched a new online community, the “Sudden Cardiac Arrest Network”™. The Network is targeted toward patients and families personally affected by sudden cardiac arrest, public safety and healthcare professionals, and other advocates. It provides a way for community members to find others with similar experiences and interests, provide mutual support, and work in collaboration toward common goals. Members can create Facebook-like profile pages, search for their peers, and can “friend” one another.

“We are excited to offer an online community through which sudden cardiac arrest survivors and their loved ones, those who have lost someone to SCA, and other advocates can support one another, share information, and help raise awareness so more lives can be saved,” said Mary Newman, MS, SCA Foundation President. “We invite everyone who is interested in this important lifesaving cause to join the Network and help build the world’s largest and most active online SCA community.”

Who Can Join

Anyone with an interest in saving lives threatened by sudden cardiac arrest, including patients and families, public safety and healthcare professionals, and other advocates may join the SCA Network(tm).

How to Join

  1. Register here. If you registered previously, login here. (Tips: To safeguard your privacy, do not use your e-mail address as your user name. Do not use your first and last name as your user name, unless you are comfortable with this being public.)
  2. Complete your account registration.
  3. Complete your member profile, including your bio, photo, location and interests. You may choose to have your responses public, hidden or private.

How to Use the Network

Once you have registered and completed your profile, you can post blogs and forum comments that will be linked to your profile page. You can also search for other members by member type, user name, by state or by country. In addition, you can search for members with an interest in a particular medical condition leading to SCA, by specific treatment options, or by advocacy interests.

Why wait? Discover your friends and colleagues and start the dialogue today.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Contact info [at]


Thank you for joining the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Network!


Membership is free, but contributions are always welcome.

Please consider donating to the nonprofit Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation here.

For sponsorship opportunities, contact info [at] or call 877-722-8641.