Posted on 12/02/2019

Survivor: Homeless Gentleman

Date of Event:

Location of Event: Sidewalk, Detroit, MI

Melanie Welicki

After attending a baseball game in Detroit, I was walking back to my car with my daughters. We came upon a scene where a homeless gentleman was frantic and another homeless gentleman was laying on the ground. The first gentleman said he is dead. We could see that he was not moving nor breathing. Another bystander (unknown name but declared he has medical training) and my daughter (who works in a hospital as a Medical Assistant) checked him for a pulse and none was detected. They placed the gentleman on his back while I called 911 and my daughter started chest compressions. After several compressions, the gentleman’s eyes moved and she rubbed his sternum. He coughed and started breathing on his own. Police arrived and were able to sit him up, a few moments later, EMS arrived and provided medical attention. My daughter originally earned Red Cross Adult CPR/AED Certificate in 2012 while in High School, she then earned re-certifications from the American Heart Association.

- Nominated by Kevin Welicki