Posted on 11/27/2021

Survivor: Mr. Howard

Date of Event:

Location of Event: Reston, Virginia

Connie Flemmings

Mr. Howard, 63, was in town from Kentucky to attend Game 3 of the World Series with his adult son who lives locally. Mr. Howard was taking the Metro back to the airport early in the morning on Tuesday October 29, when he collapsed on the Metro platform. A bystander, Ms. Connie Flemmings, who was on her way to work at a nearby school, witnessed the event and stepped up to help, performing CPR until EMS arrived.

Mr. Howard was defibrillated once by EMS and CPR was continued. He had a pulse on arrival to the hospital and was able to make a full neurologically intact recovery. Mr. Howard watched the Washington Nationals win the World Series from his hospital bed and then headed back home to Kentucky with his wife.

Points of interest: Mr. Howard, a church pastor for 17 years and youth minister for 20, expressed that if he were not in town for the World Series he would have, at that date and time, been home by himself. Fortunately, he was in a community where citizens stepped up to help and fire and rescue response is quick.

Ms. Flemmings was also at the World Series game, working in concessions. Connie had overcome homelessness and drug addiction in her past and currently works several part time jobs in food services. She felt blessed to even have a job to go to, putting her in a place to cross Mr. Howard's path.

Nominated by Karen Kovach, Fairfax County Government