Posted on 11/27/2021

Survivor: Jerry

Date of Event:

Location of Event: Lansing, Michigan

Carter McHugh
Shannon Damesworth

Carter McHugh had just finished up his junior year of high school and was catcher in a baseball game at Lansing Christian School. After Carter caught a pitch, he returned the baseball to the pitcher.

At the same time, the batter, Jerry, collapsed at home plate with an apparent heart attack. As people rushed to help Jerry and start to give him CPR, Shannon Damesworth, who is the mother of one of Carter's teammates, yelled about the possibility of getting an AED.

Both Carter and Shannon ran to a building on campus where the AED was located. They found that the door was locked. Carter immediately broke through the window using his arm and body. He jumped into the building, grabbed the AED, and rushed back out to the field.

They were able to give Jerry two shocks and get a pulse by the time the emergency personnel arrived. Upon their arrival, the medical team continued giving emergency care and transported Jerry to the hospital.

Jerry made a full recovery and his doctor said he would not have survived without their quick actions. Carter knew where the AED was located because of the training he completed at school.

Jerry's daughters all texted Carter a thank you. When Jerry had made a full recovery, he and his wife met Carter and took him out to dinner to thank him. It was the quick thinking and brave actions of both Shannon and Carter that saved Jerry's life. It is an honor to nominate both of them for this award.

Nominated by Dan Carmichael, Lansing Christian School