Posted on 11/30/2019

Survivor: Robert Hoadley

Date of Event:

Location of Event: Work

Tom Farley

I was six months away from being commissioned into the Navy Reserves and 41-years-old. I was attending a meeting with my construction manager, Tom Farley, and the vice president of the company when I collapsed while answering a question. Tom caught me by my throat and put me on the ground. Immediately, he began CPR. The AED that arrived had a dead aftermarket battery! He resumed CPR. Then a police officer arrived with plenty of guns and ammo, but no AED! He continued CPR for about seven minutes. EMS arrived and delivered the first shock at eight minutes. I received five total shocks, spent four days in a coma, and received an AICD (implantable defibrillator).

Now I help develop Cardiac Science AED Programs and several people have been saved by AEDs I have sold. All because Tom gave me CPR, which he learned at summer camp when he was 11-years-old! Tom does amazing things all the time with no desire for recognition. This time he really deserves it!