Posted by todd on 01/01/2009

 Say goodbye to a tough year, healthwise. After being in the best physical shape in years by mid-May, I declined to about the worst. First the bike crash on May 17, snapping the frame and twisting my back. Four months later, with a new bike I started riding again. Four weeks later I declared to my wife that I was quickly coming back. A week later, SCA and two weeks in Harborview. What a shock. I still can't believe that I, and we, went through it, and survived.

Having family, especially my wife, Marty's support, makes all the difference. And now, she's the one who feels more tenuous than I, at least emotionally. Which is her m.o., to be more conservative, so I can't be too shocked. I'd like to get riding again, and look forward to another year of long distance events. I'll take my time to build up, looking at three to four months of increasing mileage, before tackling anything too long, i.e. a 200k.

And if the tables were turned, I guess the same would be true for me, if she had suffered an arrest and was ready to get back into running. I'd want to be with her at all times. The ICD, while insurance, still doesn't seem like a guarantee. 

But in comes 2009 in the next hour. So we move on to a brave new world.