Posted by Stringfellow on 04/20/2018

It has been seven years now and I still have some short term memory loss issues, is this normal, I was dead for 5 minutes and they had to hit me with the paddles 5 separate times before they got me back to a normal rhythm, I was taken to the hospital and put into a coma for 48 hours on one of those tables that lowers the body temp and moves you around so you don't get bed sores.

It is sort of effecting my job performance, can anything be done to help?



Submitted by Misha66 on 04/26/2018


It's been nearly 3 years for me. I went down twice in the same day, and have no idea how many times they had to shock me. I do know they also had to stop my heart 4 times to check my ICD. There were complications. They tested twice on implantation, and it failed the second test, so I had to go back and let them test it again under different anesthesia. I still have what I call brain blips. I forget my phone number, push on a door that I've pulled on for years to get through, question whether I took my meds.....LoL Things like that. I keep a calendar handy to write info down immediately, and send myself tons of texts. Probably nothing you haven't already thought of. That's how I help myself remember, and I keep a good sense of humour about my public blips. I know my memory has greatly improved since it first happened, so I count myself lucky that's all I'm dealing with.

Submitted by Rtg1776 on 10/23/2018


its been 3.5 years and 2 ICDs later. All I can say is I'm trying to daily with the gratitude I survived and accepting the limitations left. Work is hard too. I always keep a little notebook with me to keep notes but also to record what I think is important. If I can't write it down right away I send a text to myself or hell I even bought an Apple Watch so now I look like Capt Kirk talking to my wrist to record a voice memo. It does help to recall things which makes me feel better and doesn't effect my mental positivity about work. Outside of work well thats just a whole other world of looking for answers. Stay positive and don't accept the limitations.

Submitted by StillHere on 01/02/2019


Hello :)

I'm about a month out and yes short term memory is a problem for me too. I too now require alarms and pop ups on phone for reminders and keep a notepad near by. I don't know if it can be fixed in our cases or if it depends on length of time. I work in rehab (physical therapy) and I have seen stroke survivors improve cognition over time with functional exercises. For higher function, I know (knowledgeable and experienced) speech therapists (SLPs) may be able to work with you using high level cognitive exercises. I myself downloaded some free apps and am working on them. I don't know if any of it will help but worth a try.

Submitted by NathanLupo on 04/19/2019


Your story is unique, I thought that such cases are only in the movies. I read about such a phenomenon in the books on medicine but I study only on a first course in a medical university and I don't know much, but I am very inquisitive and I learn a lot of literature. At the end of the next semester, I will need to write a term paper and most likely I will take your case and similar ones, so after some time, you'll find it on this website.