Jil Cruz

Principal, Clinical Marketing

Stryker Emergency Care
Seattle, Washington

Jil Cruz, MSN, RN, has over 30 years of experience in emergency medicine, both in the hospital and prehospital space, and has spent the last 15 years dedicated to saving lives working in the medical device industry specializing in resuscitation. She inspires new innovative clinical programs and services that support the global Emergency Care business, including developing and directing the Emergency Response Immersion program. The ERI program provides an in-depth overview of resuscitation-related concepts and simulations to give engineers and other non-clinical employees a real-world perspective to improve product design. Jil has received two U.S. patents awarded due to ideas generated from the ERI program. 

Jil also consults and partners with many hospitals and pre-hospital agencies throughout the United States by assisting with the analysis of CPR data to develop custom CPR performance improvement goals. Analyzing the post-event data and providing feedback to teams can positively impact survival from cardiac arrest.

The motivation to improve cardiac arrest care is not only a professional passion but a personal one. When Jil was attending a critical care conference in Germany, her husband, Joy, suffered a cardiac arrest while playing soccer. Thanks to the quick action of an ED physician and EMT on the opposite team, CPR was initiated immediately, an AED was obtained, shocks were delivered, and he successfully recovered and is back to playing and coaching soccer. Jil is deeply invested in the collective goals of education, awareness, and preparation to support cardiac arrest recognition and action. She also values the importance of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation to bring more cardiac arrest survivors home to their families and communities. 

Jil lives in Seattle with her husband, Joy, and their daughter Caitlin. They enjoy traveling and exploring the world's fantastic dive locations.  

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