Jim Richardson

Outreach Coordinator for Airlift Northwest

Seattle, Washington

James Richardson, EMT-P, is Western Washington and Southeast Alaska Outreach Coordinator for Airlift Northwest. Previously, he was Director of the Aspen Ambulance District.

Jim has been a paramedic since 1984, Critical Care Paramedic since 1992, and received his Master’s Degree in Health Care Administration from the University of Colorado in 2006. He is also active at a local, regional and national level as President of the Pitkin County Emergency Medical and Trauma Advisory Committee; President of the Central Mountains Regional EMS and Trauma Advisory Council; member of the State Emergency Medical and Trauma Advisory Council  and member of the state Emergency Medical Practice Council. He has also been involved as a conference committee member for the state EMS conference and with the National Association of EMTs, American Ambulance Association, American Heart Association, and National Association of EMS Physicians on a national level.

He also founded and chairs the Save a Life Pitkin County, and his community's ROSC (return of spontaneous circulation) rate from pre-hospital cardiac arrest stands currently at 50 percent. He currently is focusing on forming Save a Life San Juan County in the islands of NW Washington focused on improving their CPR & AED deployment and increasing their ROSC rates.

In addition to serving on the Board of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, Jim also serves on the boards of the Medic One Foundation in Seattle, and the Hillsdale Fund and Richardson Corporation in North Carolina.

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