Posted by Karen Swancutt on 02/03/2021
A new journey, but learning each day

I am the wife of a SCA survivor. My husband had cardiac arrest overnight on December 10, 2020 & was life flighted with a very weak pulse to a larger heart hospital in the next state a few hours away. There were moments of uncertainty, but thankfully, he is ok now and at home recovering. He received a pacemaker/defibrillator unit. Until his unit & meds were adjusted, he experienced many shocks within a few minutes while at rehab for strength therapy & was quickly ambulanced back to the hospital. A few days later he came home.

I am his primary caregiver, along with all the other home/financial monitoring responsibilities. At times it gets overwhelming trying to keep up with it all & learning to trust he's ok. The scariest times for me are on the nights I hear him snoring. The snoring brings back the experience that first led him down this journey. During these times, I wonder if I should wake him or let him snore, trusting he will wake himself. I find it harder to sleep on these nights for a while, especially if it's a Wednesday night into a Thursday morning since the original experience was during this time frame. I'm hoping time and reading others stories will encourage me to relax as I learn to walk through this time. So much to be thankful for. Learning each day.