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The AED Readiness Project: A Cost-Effective Solution for Schools Seeking AEDs

In recognition of National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month in October, the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation and Enerspect Medical Solutions have joined forces to launch the 

American Heart Association’s CPR in Schools Initiative Aims to Reduce Disparities in CPR

Ross Dress for Less ® providing free CPR training resources to schools in need

Chain of Survival Grant Program Aims to Help N.J. Schools Meet CPR-AED Requirements

In support of NJ A2072, the Force for Health Foundation and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation are collaborating to launch the Chain of Survival Grant Program on September 30 in Lodi, N.J. The initiative will enable high schools to fulfill state requirements to ensure that students learn CPR and how to use an automated external defibrillator before graduation--all at a minimal cost. 

LODI, NJ--In recognition of National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month in October, the Force for Health Foundation and the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation are collaborating to launch the Chain of Survival Grant Program at the Boys and Girls Club of Lodi, N.J. on September 30 from 10 am to 12 pm.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell's Signature Implements SCA Precautions for Student Athletes

Improves prevention and response practices at Delaware schools

Heart Defibrillators Being Installed in Norwalk Public Schools

NORWALK -- Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) will be in place in all of Norwalk Public Schools buildings when classes resume next week, according to officials.

"The defibrillators have arrived. Cabinets are being mounted in each of the schools this week," said Brenda Wilcox Williams, Norwalk Public Schools communications officer. "There will be one (defibrillator) in every school and there will be two in the high schools, plus one portable for the high school athletic departments."

An AED is a computerized device that analyzes the heart rhythm and prompts a rescuer to deliver an electrical shock if needed. They are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest. When AEDs are used in conjunction with CPR, they can increase survival rates between 50 and 80 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Acting NJ Governor Guadagno Signs Lifesaving Bipartisan Legislation

New Law Requires High School Students to Receive Hands-On CPR and AED Training

NJ CPR-AED Law SigningTRENTON, NJ--Taking action to prevent the tragic loss of life from sudden cardiac arrest, Acting Governor Kim Guadagno today signed Assembly Bill No. 2072 into law, requiring high schools to provide students with hands-on training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

State Health Laws Set Rules for Fall Sports Coaches and Student Athletes in Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, PA--The start of a new school year in the Keystone State typically means a new Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) fall sports season is here. With plenty of energy after a summer of training, student-athletes and coaches are eager to hit the fields and courts for official practices, while fans start to make plans for Friday Night Lights.

The fall months are an exciting time for those who enjoy sports whether you’re a football, soccer, tennis, golf, volleyball, or cross country student-athlete, parent, or fan. There’s so much to look forward to.

Of course, there are always concerns too. Concussions happen. Bones break. ACLs tear. And on a very rare occasion an athlete has an issue with their heart.

Sudden Cardiac Emergencies Mark the First Day of High School Practice in Two Communities

Noah CornuetThe first day of high school football practice was marked by sudden cardiac emergencies in two communities this week.

Connecticut Senators Duff and Leone Attend Signing of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Bill

Connecticut Senators Duff and Leone Attend Signing of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Bill

HARTFORD, CT--On Friday Senator Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) and Senator Carlo Leone (D-Stamford) joined Governor Daniel P. Malloy in his office at the State Capitol for a signing ceremony to commemorate the passage of new legislation that will promote greater awareness of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), an often deadly condition can strike children who otherwise appear healthy.

The senators worked to pass the bill earlier this year in cooperation with the family of Andy Peña, a Darien student athlete who died of sudden cardiac arrest in 2011, just one month shy of turning 15. His family members looked on as the governor signed the bill.

The Four R's: Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmetic, and Resucitation: An Overview of CPR/AED Education in American Schools

Representatives from several national nonprofit organizations recently collaborated to develop an overview of the status of CPR/AED education in America’s K-12 schools for the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update, a biennial conference of the Citizen CPR Foundation. The group is part of a task force on sudden cardiac arrest in youth, led by Stuart Berger, MD, of the Medical College of Wisconsin. Members include M. Kathleen Murphy, DNP, RN, of the National Association of School Nurses, Mary Newman, MS, of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, Donna Siegfried of the National Safety Council, Merrilee Sweet of the American Heart Association, and Vicki Vetter, MD, of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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The mission of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Foundation is to prevent death and disability from sudden cardiac arrest. The vision of the SCA Foundation is to increase awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and influence attitudinal and behavioral changes that will reduce mortality and morbidity from SCA.

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