Bystanders Save SCA Victim in High School Gym

September 19, 2007–GRAYSLAKE, Ill.–Three bystanders are credited with saving a man’s life while he waited to get into a pick-up basketball game Sunday night at Grayslake Central High School.

Grayslake Fire Protection District Deputy Chief Greg Formica said the victim, a 58-year-old Hainesville man, suffered sudden cardiac arrest and was revived before paramedics reached the school gymnasium.

Formica said the Hainesville man remained at Condell Medical Center in Libertyville on Tuesday. He said use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) is one reason the man is alive.

Jason Bullman, 35, of Grayslake said he was playing in one of the pick-up games when the man, known to him only as Mike, collapsed. About 40 people were present for the open gym time.

Bullman, an aquatics facility supervisor for the Vernon Hills Park District, said the victim was waiting to get into the next basketball game when he fell ill. He said several men rushed to the victim in an effort to assist.

“He was lying there and his eyes were all bugged out and he was gasping for air,” Bullman said.

After initially trying to stay out of the way, Bullman said, he ran 50 yards or so to retrieve an AED when he noticed someone performing CPR on the Hainesville man.

Bullman, who has trained lifeguards on the device, performed the electric shock on the man.

“I was just glad I could do something,” he said.

Formica praised Bullman for using the AED and the actions of the two other unidentified men who performed CPR on the victim.

“I can definitely say their efforts saved this man’s life,” Formica said.

Authorities said the victim began breathing spontaneously and regained a pulse after the electric shock. He regained consciousness before paramedics arrived within three minutes of being called. Paramedics then performed advanced life support and brought him to the hospital, officials said.

Formica said fire officials concluded the bystanders saved the Hainesville man’s after examining the AED data.

Bullman said he's become acquainted with the Hainesville man at the Grayslake Central pick-up basketball games over the past two or three years.

Source: Daily Herald

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