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Every day without an AED is a disaster waiting to happen.

WESTPORT, CT--Less than two weeks ago, a high school senior—a spectator, not a player—went into sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) at halftime of a Staples soccer game. The quick actions of one parent, who had an AED in the trunk of his car; another parent, who is a nurse; an EMT who raced over from the pool, and the school’s two trainers—who worked together to apply the automated external defibrillator (AED) and perform CPR—saved the boy’s life.

It was the second such harrowing experience in 20 months. In January 2014, Bedford Middle School 6th grader Adam Greenlee collapsed during gym class. School nurses, administrators and first responders used CPR — and the school’s AED — to bring the youngster back to life.

After surgery to implant a defibrillator into Adam’s chest, his parents and friends formed the Adam Greenlee Foundation. Its goal is to raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest.

SCA strikes 326,000 people outside hospitals each year; nine out of 10 victims do not survive. Only 32% receive bystander CPR. A mere 2-4% are treated with AEDs. But when sudden cardiac arrest victims are treated quickly, survival rates climb to 38%. Westport has taken note of these incidents. And the Adam Greenlee Foundation has taken action.

Yesterday, they announced a partnership with the Westport School District and Westport Police Athletic League.

Funds are also being raised to donate portable AEDs to each school, to be carried on field trips and during athletic competitions at other schools. Every day without an AED is a disaster waiting to happen. A fundraising goal of $50,000 has been set — by November 15.

All donations are tax-deductible. 100% goes directly toward the purchase of AEDs and the training of staff and coaches.

So don’t delay. Here’s how you can help save the life of a loved one. Or maybe your own:

Click here. Fill out your donation in the white box next to the “Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation Donation.” Complete billing information; then click “Review Donation and Continue.” On the final screen click “Add Special Instructions.” In the space provided, type “The Adam Greenlee Foundation.” At the bottom of the screen, click the yellow “Donate Now” button to complete your transaction.

You can also send checks payable to “The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation” to: The Adam Greenlee Foundation, 28 Maple Avenue North, Westport, CT 06880. Note on the memo line that the donation is for the The Adam Greenlee Foundation.

Questions? Email renegreenlee [at] or agreenlee [at] You can also click here, or check out The Adam Greenlee Foundation page on Facebook.


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