Posted on 10/14/2020
Carlo Castillejos with T-Rex cookies
Carlo Castillejos with T-Rex cookies

Tina Rexing, founder of T-Rex Cookie, has announced that her company will donate 10% of all October cookie sales to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation. T-Rex Cookies, known for their unique, gigantic cookies, was named the “Best Cookie in America” by Time Out Magazine.

This pledge aligns with October’s Sudden Cardiac Awareness month and will be made in memory of Ms. Rexing’s younger brother, Carlo Castillejos, who died from sudden cardiac arrest in August. Carlo, 44, had been playing pickleball in a local park when he suddenly collapsed and appeared to be having a seizure. Since his fellow players thought he was still breathing, the 911 dispatcher advised against giving him CPR. Although EMS and hospital staff worked to save him, their efforts were unsuccessful.

“Carlo leaves behind many friends who loved him and his smile so much,” said Ms. Rexing. “He leaves behind his parents who are beyond devastated. He leaves behind a little brother that looked up to him. He leaves behind a wife and two young boys. He leaves me behind, his big sister. I have made it my mission to carry the torch of Sudden Cardiac Awareness, heart health and CPR education. The best way I can honor Carlo's memory is if I can prevent another family’s pain and tragedy.”

“Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a life-threatening emergency that occurs when the heart suddently stops beating. It can strike anyone at any age, often without warning,” said Mary Newman, SCA Foundation President. “Only 10% of people who experience a sudden cardiac arrest event, survive. With immediate action, including calling 911, performing CPR, and using an AED, we can triple the odds of survival.”

“We extend our condolences to Ms. Rexing and her family for the loss of Carlo, and we express our gratitude for her generous support,” Ms. Newman added. “We urge our fans and followers to buy T-Rex cookies in Carlo’s memory. The proceeds generated from these donations will help support our education and awareness initiatives to increase bystander action and possibly save a life.”

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