Posted on 03/01/2011

Rates of survival from sudden cardiac arrest have languished for decades, despite 40 years of exhaustive efforts to improve the situation, according to Larry Starr, PhD, and Allan Braslow, PhD, in an article published today at JEMS Online. Starr and Braslow are spearheading a Special Task Force on Reshaping the System of Survival through the University of Pennsylvania Organizational Dynamics program. They say SCA survival is a "wicked problem" that cannot be solved without considering the complexities of human behavior and organizational systems. 

They also invite interested parties to help design the ideal CPR/AED course experience here by March 31.
Task Force Members
Cardiac Science
  • Chip Miller
Emergency Training Excellence, Inc.
  • Frank Poliafico, RN
Goodman Research Group
  • Allan Braslow, PhD
  • Robert Brennan, PhD
Penn Center for Resuscitation Science
  • Benjamin Abella, MD
  • Lance Becker, MD
  • Raina Merchant, MD
  • Vinay Nadkarni, MD, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Penn Emergency Medicine
  • Dave Gaieski
Philadelphia University Disaster Medicine and Management Program
  • Jean Will Bail
  • Matt Dane Baker
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation
  • Mary Newman
University of Pennsylvania Organizational Dynamics
  • Allan Braslow, PhD
  • John Pourdehnad
  • Larry Starr, PhD
University of Pittsburgh Department of Critical Care Medicine
  • Nick Bircher, MD
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia Biomedical Writing Program
  • Danny Beneau