Posted on 11/11/2010

Leo Mcfarland, Nadine Levick, MD, David SchwittekThe Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation is part of an  international interdisciplinary group led by the EMS Safety Foundation that is developing a mobile phone application that provides CPR/AED instruction, real-time coaching in emergencies, the location of the nearest AED. The app also records resuscitation efforts for research purposes. 

The iRescU project was one of 39 technology projects accepted for presentation at the 2010 mHealth Summit on November 8-10 in Washington, D.C. Keynote speakers at the Summit included Ted Turner and Bill Gates. The iRescU Team joined other innovators, including the National Institutes of Health, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Purdue University in giving technology demonstrations at the Summit.

Bill Gates Views iRescU App ProjectBill Gates later viewed the demonstration projects and smiled when he saw the iRescu message, "Bill Gates...we can save your life!" 

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