Posted on 09/10/2020
Andy and Michele LePere
Andy and Michele LePere

Family members and companions of sudden cardiac arrest survivors are invited to participate in a study by the SIREN Emergency Care Research Network. The research is designed to better understand the experiences of family members and companions of patients after cardiac arrest and severe neuro trauma.

Renee Kasperek-Wynn, RN, BSN, SIREN Clinical Coordinating Center, University of Michigan, and Sarah M. Perman, MD, MSCE, University of Colorado School of Medicine, are seeking caregivers who might be interested in participating in a day-long workshop to better understand stakeholder experiences during this critical phase after cardiac arrest/traumatic brain injury. Other stakeholders they will engage include professionals representing nursing, emergency and critical care providers, social work, spiritual care, mental health, decision support and communications.

Exploratory empirical interviews are currently being conducted around general domains of interest including information/communication, emotional needs of family members, discrimination/unfair treatment, and participation in emergency research/clinical trials. The findings from these interviews will focus the workshop agenda on where there is greatest need for understanding. The general format of the meeting will be facilitated small group sessions via videoconference comprising of eight people with roughly half being family member stakeholders with the groups reporting out in plenary sessions.

This project is supported by NIH funding to SIREN, an Emergency Care Research Network, Principal Investigator, Dr. Robert Silbergleit at the University of Michigan.

For more information, please contact Renee Kasperek-Wynn, RN, BSN at kasperr [at] () or info [at]