Readiness Systems Launches AED Sentinel®, The First Remote AED Monitoring System Built for Every AED Program

Readiness Systems Launches AED Sentinel®, The First Remote AED Monitoring System Built for Every AED Program

AED Program Managers Now Have Access to the Ultimate in Ease of AED Ownership and Risk Management

PORTLAND, OR--Readiness Systems, your AED program expert, today introduced AED Sentinel®, the industry’s first remote AED monitoring system for every AED program. Designed and built by the leading authority in AED program compliance, AED Sentinel solves one of the most pressing challenges in AED program management, eliminating the need for human inspections, and finally providing AED program managers with the ultimate in ease of AED ownership.

AEDs are FDA-regulated medical devices approved for use by non-medically trained lay people to treat sudden cardiac arrest. AED owners are responsible for ensuring these life-saving devices are ready to work every time they are needed. But ensuring readiness can be a real challenge for organizations of any size. Regularly checking AED status and keeping track of the various expiration dates of each device’s batteries and pads are all in human hands. Today’s reliance on human AED inspectors results in a high rate of non-compliance, meaning large numbers of AEDs go uninspected or poorly maintained for long periods of time. This leads to an increased risk of AED failure, avoidable sudden cardiac death and lawsuits. And, of course, there are direct and indirect costs associated with pulling valuable employees away from their primary jobs to perform these checks. AED Sentinel eliminates the burden and cost of human inspections, and reduces the risk of AED failure and the consequences that follow.

“When your AEDs are needed, you need them to be ready,” said Richard Lazar, President of Readiness Systems and AED Sentinel inventor. “But ensuring readiness is a massive burden for organizations today, which is why so many compliance and legal issues cross my desk. I knew we had to tackle this challenge proactively, and that’s exactly what we set out to do. With AED Sentinel, AED program managers can now be confident that their devices are always ready, ensuring compliance and easing the burdens of program cost and management.”

AED Sentinel tackles the industry’s greatest challenges today:

  • Frees human resources with the best automated solution—AED program managers instantly increase their inspection frequency from (maybe) once per month to multiple checks per day, with 24/7 automated monitoring of AEDs and accessories.
  • Makes compliance cost-effective—By freeing up valuable employees and reducing AED lawsuit risk with one modest investment, the savings is amplified. And Readiness Systems backs subscribers with AED Sentinel Certified Compliance, so no matter what brand AEDs they have, they can rest assured they’re covered.
  • Finally, ease of ownership—AED Sentinel eliminates both the burden and cost of human inspectors, making AED programs truly reliable and providing peace of mind that the monitored AEDs will be ready every time.

“AED Sentinel represents an important advancement in AED program management,” said James Hart, CEO of Stat PADS. “As a pioneer in this space, AED Sentinel allows these lifesaving devices to be monitored even more effectively. No matter the brand of AED they have, AED Sentinel can provide our customers with even more confidence that they’re mitigating risk and ensuring that when they need an AED to potentially save a life, it will be ready.”

AED Sentinel is an uncomplicated solution to a complicated problem, enabling AED program managers to quickly self-install and foolproof their AED programs in minutes. AED Sentinel uses internet-connected cameras that monitor AED status indicators, along with an associated software platform and an intuitive user dashboard for monitoring, alerts and reporting. And it works with all current AED makes and models installed in wall-mounted cabinets.

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SOURCE: Readiness Systems


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