Prince George's County Becomes the First Community in the National Capital Region to Adopt PulsePoint

Prince George's County Becomes the First Community in the National Capital Region to Adopt PulsePoint

LANDOVER, MD--The 900,000 people who live in the Washington, D.C., suburb known as Prince George's County now have access to a life-saving app for their phone to alert them when a life needs to be saved.
The PulsePoint application alerts people who know how to perform CPR when PG County dispatches a nearby call for a sudden cardiac arrest in a public place. While the free application is being used across the nation, this is the first time it is being deployed in the national capital region. The PG fire and EMS department showed local media how the app works and how simple it is to perform chest compression alone, without rescue breathing, to revive a sudden cardiac arrest victim.
PGFD Chief Marc Bashoor said during a press conference that six times this year he has addressed the media about fire deaths. He said he has never discussed publicly the 121 deaths from cardiac arrest so far this year.
“Nationally, we don't hear enough about the sudden cardiac arrests that plague our communities,” he said. He encouraged people to download the application to help his crews before they arrive. “We need to improve our outcomes. We can do better than the 10-percent survival we see today.”
Key to saving more lives, he said, is getting more people to perform CPR before his crews arrive. Bystander CPR doubles the odds of survival from sudden cardiac arrest.
“We need the help of our county residents and visitors,” Bashoor said. “I urge you to download the app today. The life you save tonight may be next door.”
Athena Polydorou, executive director of the CTIA Wireless Foundation, said her non-profit group was proud to help the county implement the PulsePoint technology at no cost as part of the ongoing “story of wireless innovation” sweeping the nation.
PGFD Assistant Fire Chief Brian Frankel said there are 180 AEDs in public places in the county. Those AEDs appear on a map on the app to show would-be rescuers where to find the life-saving device during a sudden cardiac arrest. A shock from an AED is often needed, in audition to CPR, to save a sudden cardiac arrest victim.
A companion PulsePoint AED app allows people to see if an AED they find in a public place is on the PulsePoint map. If the AED is not on the map, the person can add it so people can find it in an emergency. The crowdsourcing practice of logging publicly available AEDs ensures the life-saving devices are “visible” when needed.
Adding an AED is as easy as taking a picture of the device, adding text to describe where it is, and touching “upload.”
Frankel hopes that engaging the community will increase SCA survival in PG County, home of FedEx Field, Joint Base Andrews and the U.S. Census Bureau, among other notable facilities.
“It's a team,” Frankel said. “Together, we are saving lives.” 
By Bob Davis, Member, SCA Foundation Board of Directors
Bob Trenkamp's picture
Bob Trenkamp wrote 2 years 44 weeks ago

Pulse Point

Pulse Point is wonderful - and we have it in Chatham County, Georgia.

The limitation is that it doesn't improve bystander response for 85% of cardiac arrests. (seventy percent of the arrests are in private residences, fifteen percent are in private nursing homes where many patients have DNRs, and fifteen percent are in places such as you see on TV - sort of.

Thus, in 15% of arrests, the nearby subscriber can get to the victim before EMS.

I wish we could figure out a way to get around the reason that Pulse Point had to place that limitation in the response.


Bob Trenkamp

Bob Trenkamp, President
Saving Lives In Chatham County

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