Posted on 02/18/2015

Dr. Dana Edelson's system alerts hospital staff hours to days before cardiac arrest is likely to occur

CHICAGO, IL--Cardiac resuscitation specialist Dr. Dana Edelson, an adviser to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, says she'd like to help data analytics do for healthcare what it's done for baseball.

“We task clinicians to interpret vast amounts of data in small amounts of time,” Edelson said at last week's kickoff event opening the MATTER health information technology startup company incubator in Chicago's Merchandise Mart. 

Edelson, an assistant professor of medicine and hospitalist at the University of Chicago, is the founder and chief medical officer of Quant HC, a MATTER-based company whose eCART system is designed to keep patients out of the intensive-care unit. It detects patient deterioration and alerts staff about the potential for cardiac arrest.

She noted that her training in medicine and biostatistics did not prepare her for turning an idea into a product, but the support she is receiving through the experts at MATTER is making it happen.

Edelson and some 70 other health IT entrepreneurs are getting guidance from in-house mentors like Jordan Dolin, a University of Chicago adjunct business professor and co-founder of Emmi Solutions, a developer of patient-engagement tools.

“We have to stop talking about 'technology' itself and, instead, talk about what it does,” Dolin said. “Technology is but a tool to drive a business action or a clinical outcome.”