Posted on 09/30/2021

Anniewhere is a web solution that enables instructors to teach CPR skills remotely and in classrooms. Learners join the classroom through the QCPR Classroom app providing real-time objective feedback to both instructor and learner. Whether the learners have a manikin or not, the application uses the phone's camera to measure rate, depth, and effectiveness of chest compressions for entirely digital CPR training with real-time feedback. 

Train from the safety of your home

Instructors can train CPR classes in an entirely virtual setting and in traditional classroom settings. While learners are empowered to interact with qualified instructors anywhere in the world, or in the comfort of their own home using a user-friendly application.

Effective and engaging learning

By utilizing gamified learning and real-time objective feedback, Anniewhere improves training quality, learner engagement, and classroom efficiency with real-time feedback. This feedback engages users in a way that feels very similar to the instructor-led, in-person trainings. There's even a fun QCPR Race. Learners will experience what it’s like to perform CPR in high-tension situations with adrenaline flowing.

Seamless course setup and flow

Instructors simply create a CPR class while students join via a classroom code on their phones with a fully automatic manikin connection. This setup allows both instructors and learners to focus on the CPR training.

Enable mass CPR training with any manikin

Anniewhere can be scaled up for mass CPR events where hundreds of learners. 

Dashboard for course analytics

Instructors can evaluate their students' performance and their progress via a dashboard to continuously improve courses.

If you are interested in learning more about Anniewhere, you can visit Laerdal's website to select the training option that is best for you and your community.