Posted on 12/29/2017
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Over the past year, the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation confirmed through scientific research that the often reversible death that kills more people than Alzheimers disease, breast cancer, diabetes, stroke, and suicides combined is not on the public’s radar. We are now building upon that research to help people recognize sudden cardiac arrest and take the simple steps that more than double survival. 

We need your help to continue our research and turn new findings into public outreach that motivates action and saves lives. Our national 501(c)(3) organization was born 12 years ago from a shared conviction that tens of thousands of lives can be saved each year in the U.S. if more people understood the public health crisis of sudden cardiac arrest and the critical importance of immediate bystander intervention with CPR and automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

While the end of 2017 marks happy milestones for the many sudden cardiac arrest survivors and their families, it sadly is a time for painful questioning for families who lost a loved one. Unfortunately, about nine out of 10 people who suffer sudden cardiac arrest do not survive. Many die because the people who witness their collapse do not recognize the event as a cardiac arrest and they do not take simple actions to help.

We need your help. Your donation will allow us to expand our research on public awareness and messaging to develop a scientific basis for a national public awareness campaign...and to do so much more. As we prepare to usher in the New Year, we remain committed to our mission, “Raising awareness, saving lives.” Our work is simply not possible without your help. You can help save more lives. Donate today.

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