Posted on 05/09/2014

I owe my current life, physically, mentally and emotionally to the swift and dedicated actions of my family. I am a high school principal and my husband, Ted, is a math & science teacher. My husband was re-certified in CPR & AED use as part of his school staff training to start the new school year the week before my cardiac arrest. My eldest daughter, Rhiannon (19), a life guard, and her friend Holden (19), a Whitewater Raft Guide, were also recently trained that summer three months before the incident. My youngest daughter Serena at age 15 had just recently returned from an abroad exchange program in Brazil. She lived in Nova Fribrugo, a town that in January 2011, was devastated by floods and mudslides killing hundreds and evacuating most of the population, so she also understood the importance of first-responders to a scene. Our youngest Rio, age nine slept peacefully in his room.

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Nominated by Leigh McGown Kauffman, Glenwood Springs, CO