Posted on 05/15/2014
John Barrasso

2014 Nominee  John Barrasso
Survivor – Elaine McLeod, Monroe, CT  50 at time of event (2014)
Location of event – Banquet facility

I believe John Barrasso deserves special recognition for this event is because he purchased an AED for his vehicle to have available if there was ever a need for one.

John is a Director for the Mechanical Contractors Association of Connecticut. He participated in a CPR/AED training class that I provided prior to one of their Mechanical Contractors Association of America Safety Directors Conference that was being held in San Diego. This was about four years ago. After that training John purchased an AED from me at the conference.

Fast forward to March 29, 2014... John was an invited guest to a Boy Scout dinner honoring him and the Mechanical Contractors of Connecticut for providing volunteer services to the Boy Scouts Summer Camps in Connecticut. During the dinner, an attendee went into cardiac arrest. John investigated what was going on and after the CPR providers asked if there was an AED onsite they were told "no." He advised that he had one in his car.

John retrieved his AED from the car and proceeded to use it. After one shock, the device corrected the arrhythmia. EMS took more than 15 minutes to arrive at this rural location. If it had not been for the quick actions of all involved, and especially John's foresight in having an AED in his car--being prepared like all Boy Scouts--the situation would have had a significantly different ending.

Southington News report...

Nominated by Jeremy Gruber, Rescue One Training for Life, Inc.