Posted on 05/15/2014
Mykal Duncan and Brian Bishop

2014 Nominee – Brian Bishop

Survivor Mykal Duncan, Kansas City, MO – 15 at time of event (2013)

Location of event – Kansas City Royals baseball game

Our daughter, Mykal Duncan, was a healthy and active 15-year-old in May of 2013. She was a swimmer who had just finished taking her lifeguarding classes and passed. She got a job at the local pool to lifeguard in the summer. She was running track and was on the local swim team.

Brian Bishop’s daughter invited our daughter to a Royals baseball game after her brother backed out at the last minute. Along about the second inning, after the dance cam had been on my daughter and her friend, my daughter turned to him and his wife and said, "I’m seeing spots." She turned around and dropped to the concrete. Brian bent down, felt for a pulse and didn’t feel any. He immediately started CPR. His wife got the attention of an usher who then paged the stadium paramedics. When they got to her she had been down for over seven minutes. Brian kept doing CPR until the paramedic got there and then Brian helped carry her to the concourse so that an AED could be used. The AED worked! Mykal had been down for a total of 11 minutes. Thanks to Brian's hard work and the assistance of others, our daughter is living a normal life today.

Nominated by Dyann Duncan