Posted by Karen Swancutt on 02/03/2021
A new journey, but learning each day

I am the wife of an SCA Survivor. My husband had cardiac arrest about 8 weeks ago. He was life lighted with a very weak pulse to the heart hospital a few hours away. After 24 hours of cooling blanket time, lots of prayers, and a lot of meds, he woke up the next day when they warmed him up again. He now has an ICD/Pacemaker. After some time in Rehab to help strengthen him, he has returned home and is recovering. He has some additional medical issues to walk through with eyes & urology, but appears to be getting better. I am his primary caregiver, while handling most of the home and financial responsibilities to ensure all gets paid & we know where we are financially, appointments, meds, etc. My greatest fears usually come at night, if I hear him snoring. This brings back the memories of the experience that first led him down this journey. The snoring scares me. I wonder do I wake him, allow him to snore trusting he will wake himself up, etc. Those are the nights I'm afraid to sleep & probably don't sleep as well as I should, especially if it's a Wednesday into Thursday morning as that's when the original experience was. I'm hoping time and others stories will help as I learn to relax and walk by faith. Any encouragement in how to walk through these moments would be very helpful. So much to be thankful for as he's still with us & fully cognitive.